Anxiety and Depression

Symptoms of depression and anxiety often occur together but can occur separately; furthermore, depression affects adults as well as children. In Canada 5% of children and 25% of adults suffer from depression and one of six types of anxiety.

The objective is to ensure that the therapy is tailored to each individual’s situation, with the aim of reducing the symptoms of both.


There are several forms of psychotherapy that are effective, and treatment will be based on the level of anxiety and or depression. For example, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy, and exposure are highly effective treatment therapies. However, they are not the only forms of treatment.

Collectively, we will work to help you or your loved one develop an awareness of what one feels, why one feels that way, what one’s triggers are, and how one might change one's reactions towards them.

For children, I work closely with the child as well as the family so that children can practice what they learn in therapy. Please give me a call so we can determine how I can help you.

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