Child/Youth/Teen Therapy

I offer child and youth counselling along with family therapy. I can help by:

  • Teaching strategies on coping with stress

  • Providing a road map and toolkit to help with anxiety

  • Ensuring the parent and the child have non reactive, behaviour changing communications skills

  • Using art therapy to help children connect their thoughts, feelings and perceptions with life’s realities and experiences

  • Teaching children and youth how to name, deal with, and understand their big emotions

  • Helping navigate the healthcare system when dealing with a chronic illness

  • Empowering the child and family when dealing with the child’s journey through palliation

When a child or youth is “misbehaving” or “acting out”, it is often a cry for help. Sometimes children have a hard time articulating their feelings, making it quite challenging to assist them with their emotional needs. Children often act out unpleasant feelings and emotions, and it becomes a matter of finding the right tools, techniques, and strategies to truly listen and understand what they are saying.

Teens also have a hard time articulating their feelings; their lives are so intertwined with social media, friendships, and school which makes it hard for them to stop and think about what is really going on.

Children thrive in a safe, secure, and emotionally responsive environment. With the support of the family system, parents and children can experience the benefits of a close and securely attached relationship.

In situations when a child’s behaviour or emotional reactions are a concern, it is often very helpful to seek professional support. Often a combination of child counselling/play therapy, parent counselling, or parent and child counselling can be of significant benefit.


By teaching children mindful techniques, meditation, and self care along with evidence based tools, education, and techniques, they can live a more fulfilling life.

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