Pediatric Palliative Care

Children living with terminal illnesses are faced with issues that are different from adults. Recognizing the child’s needs, as well as their understanding of the situation, their ability to express themselves, and to receive support to grieve in a healthy way can be challenging. 

Families may benefit from therapeutic tools like play, sand and art to help children express their feelings in a non-verbal manner. Therapy that is tailored to a family’s personal choices and cultural influences can assist the child and family in expressing their feelings, beliefs, misconceptions and questions. 

Parenting a child with a terminal illness is exhausting emotionally and physically, and brings constant change and struggle in the family’s life. Counselling is beneficial during all stages of your child’s and family’s journey with the illness.

I have more than 22 years of experience working with children with chronic illnesses and their families, many of those years were focused on pediatric palliative care. I am able to provide counselling in my office, in your home or at your treatment facility. 

I would be more than honoured to be able to walk this journey with you and your family. Please call me so we can see if my services will be able to provide some support to you during this extremely challenging and most difficult time in your life.

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