Relationships can take on many forms: relationships with your partner, parents, children, friends, and yourself. However, changing the relationship you have with yourself will make an impact on the relationship you have with others.


For the relationship you have with yourself, there are so many ways in which we can work together to help you be the best version you can be. Together we can determine what you would like to work on and create goals and stepping stones to reach them.


Couples therapy begins with an assessment. Subsequent therapy sessions will be used to learn how to deal with, and avoid conflicting communication, thereby leading to increased intimacy, respect, and affection. We will begin to remove barriers in order to create a sense of empathy and understanding within the context of the relationship.


​Family therapy will begin with the most pressing issues and how we can work together to mend them. We will work on communication, respect, upholding family values, and family attachments.


As I work with you and any of your relationships, I will focus on ensuring a safe and comfortable space where you can be heard and express your feelings. We will engage in emotionally honest discussions in order to understand each other and work through the challenges that led you to seek help in the first place.


​Sometimes, people in relationships need a safe place to talk to one another, explore goals and desires. Relationships are hard work, sometimes they need a tune up. Maintain them, give them love and attention and feed them with kindness, respect, love, laughter so that they can keep running smoothly. Please give me a call so we can determine how I can help you. 

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